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Create a more beautiful Internet.

Adieu blocks ads, and lets you choose what to see in those "boxes" instead. You can upload your own photos, or choose from those created by our community. What are you going to put inside your box?

Ads are No Longer the Solution.

They’re intrusive, ugly, distracting and they follow you around the Internet. Not to mention they slow your computer down, track your browsing habits, and sell your information to third parties. We let you keep supporting creators but put you back in control by purchasing as many ad boxes as possible.

It pays to pay.

There are other ways to block ads. But they do it without supporting the creators that make the websites you love. By using Adieu, you're contributing to a fair Internet that rewards good content. The surprising thing is, it's cheap, with $5 buying you about 500 ad blocks.

Raise your banner today.

When you sign up for Adieu, we'll give you $2 free to start replacing ads with content you want to see. It doesn't require a credit card, and we'll never give out your email address.