What is Adieu, an ad blocker?

We’re like an ad blocker of sorts, but better. We keep you from seeing annoying ads, but still pay publishers for the content they produce. Ad blockers do a great job of stripping ads from pages and eliminate tracking, but at the cost to content providers. If you use an ad blocker, you eliminate their revenue. If everyone does that, then poof, the system breaks.

So how do you pay publishers and not see ads?

That’s where you come in. Before running off though, hear us out, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Ad companies only pay pennies to fill the boxes on the sites you visit. For a few dollars every month (we give you $2 free to start off with) you’ll be able to see what you want in place of ads and enjoy a quieter, more secure web. Free to start, pay only when you use it. Most people will use less than $3 a month, it just depends on your browsing patterns.

Does Adieu block all ads?

Using the current system we unfortunately can’t keep you from seeing all ads online. We can't block ads on Facebook or Google search suggestions, Gmail, Safari desktop browsers, or on mobile devices.

What is the “current system” and how does Adieu use it?

Ads online work like a high tech auction. Aggregating data based on your browser cookies, Ad servers compile different marketing companies bidding for your view. This all takes place as your page loads, and you see the winning bidder when the page opens. Adieu uses your money to bid on your behalf, we try to win as many bids as we can, but we can’t win them all—yet.

So how does Adieu work?

When you sign in using your email address, we set a cookie on your browser. Using this cookie, we can identify you, and attempt to buy the ads on the pages you visit. If we're successful, you’ll see images from the boards you upload or follow on your dashboard and in your browser.

Why should I use Adieu?

Adieu isn’t perfect, but we believe that it’s a step in the right direction. For many sites, the only way they can keep going is to put a banner ad on the page. When you use ad-blockers, you remove the economic incentive to have the site. Paywalls aren’t ideal either. Who wants to pay or have a subscription for every site you visit? The ad-supported internet has allowed information to be freely accessible, and is a super simple way to give micropayments to publishers. Sometimes ads aren’t so bad. When they don’t inhibit your browsing experience, when they don’t collect unauthorized data, and when advertisers gain enough value from the ad to make it worth the price, then the system works. Unfortunately, that’s hardly the case. Adieu has the interest of sites and users in mind. We keep ads and tracking at bay and let you pay directly so you can enjoy a more beautiful web.

So what? Don’t these sites make millions of dollars from other users?

Some do, most don’t. To make any money from ads, you need an incredibly high volume of page views. As more internet users install ad blocking plugins to their browsers, revenue to sites dependent on ads plummets.