We're Hiring!

FairTread, the company behind Adieu is hiring!

We're looking for startup adventurers to join our group. Do you have startup experience? Do you dream in code? Do you insist on excellent design? Do you just like getting things done? Send us a note with your background, what kind of things you like to do, and how you think you might be able to help us provide an alternative way to monetize the web besides banner ads.

We're headquartered in New York, but span the globe from San Francisco to Berlin. We regularly get together in one location for "code-a-thons". Sound like fun? Get in touch!

About Adieu

We enable web users to buy their own ads—like an ethical AdBlock.

We show images they want to see—like their kids or a calendar reminder—instead of advertising.

About FairTread

FairTread is an Internet-scale payment technology provider whose product reduces the transactional friction that is currently keeping web readers from transferring micro-payments to content providers. Our aggregated micro-payment system aims to support newspapers and other struggling (but socially valuable) content providers on-line.